Rugged and sturdy is the stem of the Tree.

Since 2005, MANGO Consult obtained roughly U$ 93,000,000 (ninety three million dollars) in grants for its clients in emerging countries by applying to programmes such as SII, PESP, ORET, 2Xplore and ORIO in the Netherlands.

Projects were also funded by FAO, WB, IADB, the German GTZ, BUZA/DGIS, the Spanish AECI and the Italian CIS.

Project sizes range from U$ 10,000 for a primary school class room in Kenya to € 30,000,000 (thirty million euros) for a Reproductive and Child Health Project in a region of Ethiopia. Grants obtained range from € 80,000 for a feasibility study of hospitals in Vietnam to U$ 360,000 for a PhD in Perú and more than € 20 million for patrol vessels in Angola (project set up in cooperation). Credit obtained for any single project reached € 13 M for a hospital construction in a developing country.

Owing to its fine success rate of above 90% on applications, MANGO Consult can often work on the basis of "no cure, no pay. Developing country clients have yet to spend the first dollar on work done by MANGO Consult.

MANGO Consult specializes in full conceptual and feasibility studies of projects in the fields of health, (distance) education, agriculture, rural development and the environment.

An example of a sizeable project:

Early 2009, MANGO Consult was invited by the Ghana National Tuberculosis Programme (part of the Ghana Health Service) to obtain funding for a TB control project. After several visits and the exchange of ideas, an initial proposal was prepared by MANGO Consult and an application made to the Dutch ORIO programme in May of that year. A no cure no pay contract was signed between the Ministry of Health and MANGO Consult.

The proposal was approved in principle by ORIO in September after which MANGO Consult detailed the project proposal together with the above mentioned partners, other departments of the GHS and many other stakeholders including WHO, UNICEF, USAID, DANIDA and national NGO's. A large international seminar was held in January 2010. MANGO Consult prepared the complete concept, the bill of quantities and a full feasibility study of the project including detailed institutional, technical/medical, environmental, human resources, social marketing, financial and operational research plans that were finalized by the end of 2010.

In March 2011, ORIO approved a grant for this project while an insured loan was made available to the Ghanaian government by an international commercial bank. As ORIO paid for the seminar and the work done by MANGO Consult, the product was free of charge to the Ghanaian Ministry of Health.